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A new underwater platform could help restore some of Earth’s underwater wildlife

A new underwater platform could help restore some of Earth’s underwater wildlife

A platform that is anchored to the seafloor to help breathe underwater animals and plants may help to restore some underwater wildlife to their former habitats.

The Aquarius, as it is called by the researchers, is designed to be buoyed up with water from a special pool of freshwater at the bottom of the ocean.

When it reaches the surface, it then floats into a “floating habitat” and rests for a few days to give plants and animals time to adapt.

It also can help to stabilize animals like sharks and rays by providing a natural buoyancy, the researchers said.

The team, led by the University of Maryland, is working on the Aquarius project with the U.S. Navy.

Its current version is in the testing phase, and it will be ready for testing in 2021.

The Aquaarius platform, designed to support animals and plant growth, could provide a habitat for underwater lifeThe Aquavis platform, which was built in Japan, uses a water filtration system similar to the ones that are used for seawater treatment and sewage disposal, said team member David McArthur, an oceanographer at the University.

The team is working with the National Science Foundation to build a prototype in Japan.

The Aquaris platform is designed so that it can be placed in the sea and then moved to an underwater habitat.

In a video of the Aquavis in action, the platform floats on the surface and provides a natural habitat for aquatic life.

“We have an incredible amount of data from both fish and invertebrates in the oceans,” McArthur said.

Aquarius is also a valuable tool for identifying aquatic ecosystems, the team said.

It could help to understand how ecosystems function in the ocean and its impact on fish and other animals.

The aquaris platform has been underwater for about two years, and McArthur is hopeful that it will work as a habitat.

The Aquarius is designed with the aim of helping fish and coral populations recover, McArthur told Live Science.

McArthur, a marine biologist at the National Marine Fisheries Service, also hopes to find ways to use the Aquaris to help revive some of the marine ecosystems that are in danger of disappearing.

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Related LinksThe Aquarium of the Pacific, a nonprofit, marine conservation group in Newport, Ore., says the Aquarian platform could be used to help restore marine life and to restore ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest.

The group is also exploring how the platform might help to support the recovery of the Puget Sound and adjacent areas of Washington state and Oregon.

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