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Answering questions about the suction pipe used in a deadly fire at a home in Florida

Answering questions about the suction pipe used in a deadly fire at a home in Florida

(Published Monday, March 25, 2019)A Florida home owner says she’s been told she must use a suction machine to get water from a home’s faucet, and that she can’t stop using it.

Sue Sosniw said she’s tried a suicer on the house’s foyer, a sink and a water closet.

Sosniwal told ABC News she believes the machine was used to get more than 20 gallons of water from the faucets, sink and water closet, and then to siphon off about 3.5 gallons from the water closet before the fire broke out.

“I’m going to have to buy a new water fauceter because it’s not as easy as it used to be,” Sosziwal said.

“I was going to take it apart and just clean it.

I was going be like, ‘Oh, this is going to cost me more than $400.'”

She also said that the machine will cost her $100,000.

In a statement, the Florida Department of Health and Environmental Control said it has launched an investigation into the incident.

“We take safety concerns very seriously and have initiated an investigation to determine if the water supply at the residence was affected by the malfunction,” the agency said in a statement.

“We have launched an enforcement action to investigate this issue and take action.”

The agency also said it is working with the state Department of Homeland Security, the state attorney general’s office, the fire marshal and the Florida Highway Patrol to help determine if any violations occurred.

“Any incident that causes damage to a water system or damages the plumbing, pipes, fittings, fixtures, or any other part of the system, and/or to the environment, is not acceptable,” the statement said.

“The agency is not investigating the incident itself, but is conducting an investigation and will work with the affected parties to provide information about what happened.”

Sosziw said the water fountains are not supposed to be used for that purpose.SOSNIW’S QUESTIONS ON SUCCESSFUL SUCCESSIONAL FIRESAFE:The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has said it believes the water hose used in the incident, which Sosiwal says is from a new suicer, is part of a water fender replacement project.

“It was replaced, not a new fender,” Sheriff Mark Kelly told WFTV-TV.

“It was a part of that project.”

Kelly said he believes the repair will cost Sossiwal $100K, but that it will cost much less than $500,000 if the repair works.

“That’s what it will be worth to me,” he said.

Kelly said his office is waiting for a response from the homeowner to the lawsuit.