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How a fire fighter breathed for his first time in 20 years

How a fire fighter breathed for his first time in 20 years

A fire fighter in Ontario died Tuesday, just over a year after undergoing an operation to repair his lung and breathing apparatus.

Golgi apparatus is a device that uses a compressed air cartridge to deliver oxygen into a person’s lungs.

It works by inhaling the air and pumping it into a breathing tube.

Firefighters typically use a tube to inhale, and exhale compressed air into their lungs.

But Andrew Wray had a different approach.

In December 2017, he began breathing again with the help of the Golgi apparatus.

The fire fighter was able to breathe for the first time since undergoing a procedure to repair a lung that was infected with tuberculosis.

Wray told CBC News that after months of recovery, he is finally able to get out of bed and start work.

“It was very scary because I was just like ‘wait a minute, I’m not breathing,'” Wray said.

“The first time I got up and walked out of the room, I was like ‘I don’t know what’s going on, what’s wrong?'”

It took me three days to get back into a normal state, and now that I can breathe I’m very grateful for what I did, he said.

Firefighter Andrew Wraig, left, was able with the Golgis apparatus to breathe again after it was repaired in 2018.

(Facebook)Wray said he started to feel better about a week after getting the device and began feeling his breath returning.

“When I went to work and got my license and everything, I just started to see the positive changes that I’ve seen with my breathing,” Wray told the station.

“I’m really happy with the way I’m feeling.”

The device is not approved for use in Canada.

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