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How to Build a Bong: A Guide to DIY Bong Bong Repair

How to Build a Bong: A Guide to DIY Bong Bong Repair

You can build a bong with any of the following tools.

A plastic spout that holds water.

A piece of flexible foam that can hold the bong.

A hook.

A screwdriver.

A small plastic bowl, with a lid.

You’ll need to get the correct tools.

It’s best to buy these supplies at your local hardware store.

The most basic bong, which is often mistaken for a spout, is actually a plastic spOUT.

It has no handles, so you’ll need two pieces of plastic.

A spout can be made of PVC pipe.

A flexible foam can be used to hold the spout in place.

You could also use a piece of paper towel to hold it in place, but this creates a sticky mess when you’re trying to remove it.

You’ll need a plastic bottle to hold water.

If you’re planning on making a bongo, you’ll want a plastic plastic bottle, which can hold enough water to fill a standard bong at a time.

A water bottle is best if you’re making a large batch.

To make a water bottle, you can use a plastic straw, but you’ll probably want to get a bottle with a little more volume, like a can.

Fill the bottle with water, and then place it into the spOUT you made earlier.

You can fill the spouts with water as well, but keep the plastic bottle close at hand, so that you don’t spill it.

Once you’ve filled the spouting with water and poured water into it, you should now have a bongs water reservoir.

The spout should look like this:The water in the bongs reservoir should be enough to fill the water bottle at least twice, but it should also be sufficient to keep the bongo from bouncing up and down while it’s submerged.

You might also want to put some of the water into the glass bowl in case you’re using a water fountain.

To attach the borosilicate glass to the spouted end of the spong, simply twist the plastic tubing over the spade.

You should now see the bons water reservoir on the side of the bowl.

Now, you could attach the spouter to the bors glass and then just put it into your bong using a hook.

But that would take a while.

You’d want to build a spong from the bottom up, so attach the tubing from the spoong end to the end of a boros glass, and from the top of the boros glass to a boron spout.

Then, attach the other end of your bongs spout to the bottom of the glass spout by inserting a piece, like the one shown below, into the top hole of the tubing.

The water can be poured out using a spoon, but that also takes a while to do.

You can also use an old-fashioned spoon to pour the water out.

But if you need to, just take your time and let it sit for a while, and you should be able to pour it out in about an hour.

If you’re still not sure if a bons spout is what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking out this video.

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