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How to build a fire apparatus

How to build a fire apparatus

A new generation of firefighting equipment is finally here, and it’s made from something that we’ve always thought was super-light and super-efficient.

The new apparatus, designed by the Australian Fire Service, is designed to reduce the risk of a fire occurring in the first place, and is already being used around the country.

The first prototype of the new system is being tested on the western edge of Queensland.

Its called the Juxtagliaomerular Instrument and its been designed to help firefighters find, extinguish and control fire on the ground.

“What you get is a light, small, portable device that can take your eyes off of the problem and your ears off of it and you can start the fire,” the AFS spokesman said.

That’s exactly what the Juextagliaileraer, as it’s called, does.

It’s about the size of a kitchen knife and weighs around 200g, but it’s not meant to be used for firefighting.

Instead, it’s designed to assist firefighters with the delicate and delicate work of controlling a fire in a home or apartment.

“Fire is a complicated situation and we’re trying to be as simple as possible,” the spokesman said, adding the device would also allow fire crews to work from a safe distance.

This new system will allow fire fighting to happen on the fly, and in less time, allowing crews to quickly get to the scene and deal with the blaze.

“We’re using a very small fire extinguisher to deal with this fire,” he said.

“When the fire is under control, we can use the Juxtegliailer to go out and put a hose down, put the sprinklers out, and then go out, put more fire extinguishers, and put the hose back up.”

The AFS hopes the new model of the JuExtailera will be a huge boon to the fire service, and would allow firefighters to work on a larger scale, while saving lives.

In a similar way, the new fire apparatus would also help to cut down on the time firefighters have to spend on the job.

Firefighters would have less time on their hands, and the number of fire fighters would be reduced, according to the spokesman.

For the new models, AFS have already used it in the west of Queensland, and have been able to use it in a number of other locations around the state.

They have used it to put out fires in homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, and businesses.

As the Ju Extaileras production has progressed, so has the Juoftagliailars use.

Since the prototype is only a couple of kilograms, it does have a few downsides.

You’ll need to be at the scene of a small fire to start the operation, the spokesman explained.

While the Juflexailer has proven effective in the past, the JuXteglailera has not been tested in an emergency.

But in the case of an emergency, the fire department could opt to put the new Juxtailer under a fire suppression system, to ensure it can work on the scene.

At the moment, AFF has only tested the new prototype at a small number of locations.

And while the JuEXTailer can start fires, it will only do so if the conditions are right.

Because of that, AFR has been unable to test it at the moment.

What’s more, the AFF said the JuXTailer could only be used in the field, not in the house, and that it would not be ready for widespread use until the end of 2020.

So far, it has only been tested at a handful of fire departments around the world.

Even then, the project is still being piloted in a handful more.

If successful, the Australian fire service hopes the JuTeglailer will be used more widely, and by all fire departments in the world, in the near future.

With a budget of $10 million, the initial cost of the system is estimated at about $1.6 million, and will cost around $100,000 to build.

To build it, the service has been seeking funding from the Queensland Government, which is expected to make the funding available.

However, the funding will not come without controversy.

Several Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has criticised the system, claiming it does not meet standards for an emergency response.

She has called for the AFR to be able to test the system in a fire, and has criticised AFS for not putting it on the National Fire and Emergency Service (NFES) register, as required.

An NFES spokesperson said they were in discussions with the AFA to determine whether the fire suppression equipment is currently registered.

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