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How to buy an Apple product

How to buy an Apple product

Buyer beware: Apple is now charging buyers for apps that include ads.

The tech giant is now requiring all apps that can include ads in order to get a free App Store app, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Apple is also banning developers from selling third-party apps that don’t comply with its advertising policies. 

Apple has made the changes to its app store policies in an effort to curb app piracy and promote its online services, the Journal reported.

The new rules will prohibit apps that link to ads from being approved for the store.

The WSJ report was first reported by Business Insider. 

The Wall Street Times reported that Apple had not previously required developers to remove advertising from their apps.

It said that the new rule could affect developers like Apple Watch app developers who had been using the company’s App Store as a way to promote their own apps. 

While Apple’s rules do not require developers to take down all ads from their iOS apps, it’s still unclear whether the company will actually follow through with the new policy, as many developers are opting to remove ads from apps without a penalty.

Apple declined to comment to The WSG on the report.