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How to make a fire that works as a simple distillation appliance

How to make a fire that works as a simple distillation appliance

By now you’ve probably seen the popular “How to Make a Fire that Works as a Simple Distillation Appliance” video that was featured on The Bachelor.

In the video, the producers show us how to make our very own simple distilling apparatus using a bulldog fire.

I was shocked to learn that the apparatus actually works as an appliance, which is a great achievement for the producers.

If the fire is actually burning, it produces a strong fire and the air inside it will evaporate and be replaced by steam. 

As it turns out, you can make the same effect using a simple distilled water distillation machine.

If you have a cheap machine, this can be done easily. 

You can find cheap firewood, wood chips, and even some old bottles of distilled water.

All you need is a fire and a metal bowl.

I used a bowl of distilled waters for the experiment.

It works fine, but it also creates a lot of heat when it comes to the bowl.

The bowl will create a small amount of steam when you pour water into it. 

After the bowl has been heated to a boil, the air in the bowl will begin to vaporize.

The steam will rise to the top of the bowl and create a strong smell.

It’s like a really strong smell, but not quite as strong as the smell of a burnt barrel. 

Once you have the water boiling and the steam rising, you’re ready to pour some distilled water into the bowl of water.

The water will boil and the water will begin pouring out of the fire. 

Now that the bowl is heated to boiling, you need to add some distilled alcohol. 

Add distilled water to a small container of distilled alcohol, like a glass jar. 

Then, pour the alcohol into the glass jar, and the jar will explode with a bright green flame.

The flame will then start to burn and spread through the metal bowl of the distillation process. 

The alcohol will also boil and burn the metal bowls.

When it’s done, the metal will explode in a bright orange flame. 

This is the first time I’ve seen the distillate flame go up and spread throughout the metal. 

I like this method of distillation because it is so simple. 

If you have any questions about how to distill water, feel free to leave a comment below!

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