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How to Make a Golisano in Three Easy Steps

How to Make a Golisano in Three Easy Steps

A lab apparatus for producing an edible gumball is ready to go.

Golisanos, as they’re known, are a popular snack in Asia and have been found in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.

Here’s how to make one in three easy steps.1.

Purchase a variety of gumballs from a grocery store.

Gumballs are available at many Asian grocery stores, but they can vary greatly.

This recipe uses Chinese and Korean varieties.2.

Place the gumballs in a plastic bag, which you can wrap around the stem.3.

Place a small amount of water in the bottom of the bag and place it in the center of the gumball.4.

Close the bag, leaving a small space in the top to prevent it from spilling.5.

Place one end of the string inside the bag so the gum balls will come out through the stem when you open it.6.

Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you have a large quantity of gum balls in each bag.7.

Place each gumball in a resealable bag and seal it in a baggie.8.

Remove the gum from the baggie and allow to sit overnight.9.

To prepare the gum, place a tablespoon of powdered sugar on the gum and mix it well.

This will help to dissolve the sugar.10.

Place gumballs into the gum bag and set aside to cool.11.

Once the gum is cooled, remove the plastic bag and use a knife to cut a hole in the gum.

Cut a second hole in another baggie, making sure to seal both.12.

Using a spoon, scoop out the gum into a bowl.

Use a toothpick to press the gum onto the surface of the bowl, and allow it to sit in the bowl for about five minutes to thicken the gum before using.13.

Once all the gum has been scooped out, sprinkle the sugar over the gum with a spatula and serve.14.

To make the golgi, you’ll need a plastic container.

Fill it with water and add a small quantity of sugar.

You’ll need to stir constantly to make sure the sugar is evenly distributed throughout the gum container.15.

Place it in an oven or gas oven for 15 minutes.16.

Once it’s done cooking, place the plastic container in a large bowl and set it aside to set for 30 minutes.17.

To use the golios, put them in a serving dish.

Place about two tablespoons of sugar on top of each goliado and top with a spoonful of the golisano mixture.