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How to prevent the south west fire – RTE

How to prevent the south west fire – RTE

RTE 1/20 The fire in the south east of the Republic of Ireland is believed to be burning near Limerick.

There are reports of multiple fires burning in the area.

2/20 There have been reports of several fires burning along the border between Ireland and the Republic, including one in Limerick which is believed by some to be the cause of at least one reported explosion.

Source: TheJournal.ie 3/20 A car was seen engulfed in flames in the Irish town of Drogheda, which is close to the border with the Republic.

An investigation is under way into the cause.

Source : TheJournal .ie 4/20 Several cars have been set alight in the town of Londonderry, in County Antrim, after the fires broke out.

Source / Facebook 5/20 Police in Londundre are investigating reports of an explosion at a house in a village near Drog, Co Antrim.

The explosion has been linked to the fire in Limington, Co Dublin.

Source 6/20 Thousands of homes and businesses have been evacuated in County Meath as the fires rage along the borders of the two countries.

Source 7/20 Hundreds of people have been rescued in Co Meath from fires that broke out in County Kildare in the county.

Source 8/20 Emergency services have also been called to a number of properties in County Donegal, which have been badly damaged by the flames.

Source 9/20 More than 70 homes and structures have been destroyed by the fires.

Source 10/20 Water supplies are also affected by the fire as well as the damage to homes and buildings in County Clare.

Source 11/20 An Air France flight from London has been cancelled as it was due to arrive in Ireland from Brussels, as the fire continues to burn across the country.

Source 12/20 Authorities have been forced to evacuate thousands of people from their homes in County Limerick after a car was engulfed in the flames, sparking fears the fire could spread to the capital.

Source 13/20 In County Done and County Armagh more than 50 homes and other structures have reportedly been damaged.

Source 14/20 Firefighters have been battling the fire, which has now been put out by a generator.

Source 15/20 Some residents in County Kilkenny, County Tyrone, are still without power as a result of the fire.

Source 16/20 Many people are struggling to escape the flames in County Kerry, where some residents are without power and gas.

Source 17/20 People are trapped in their homes due to the flames engulfing buildings in Limerock.

Source 18/20 Residents of the town near Cork, which had seen many residents fleeing their homes earlier in the week, have now been evacuated from their neighbourhood due to concerns for the safety of residents.

Source 19/20 Civil Defence officials are now warning people to avoid the area, with many local businesses closed and many homes without electricity.

Source 20/20 At least six buildings have been lost in the fires, with the area already suffering from severe flooding.

Source 1/21 Fire crews are pictured arriving at a fire scene near the scene of a fatal explosion in County Monaghan, Co Mayo.

Source 2/21 Emergency services in Derry, Co. Armagh, are battling the flames after two explosions were heard in the village of Derry in County Tyrrell.

Source 3/21 An aerial view of the flames from the air in County Mayo, Co Tyrone.

Source 4/21 A man is seen engulfed by flames in Drogheen in County Waterford, Co Clare.

A second explosion was heard in County Galway, Co Kerry.

Source 5/21 Several cars are seen engulfed the fire near Limington in County Derry.

Source Source 6,7/20 Dozens of homes have been damaged by fire in County Dublin, which saw several explosions.

Source8/20 Air France Flight 815 from Paris to Dublin has been pulled out of the country as a precaution.

Source9/20 Reports of an attack in a car near a fire station in County Fermanagh, Co Down.

Source10/20 Helicopters and fire engines have been deployed to the scene in County Roscommon, Co Longford.

Source11/20 Search and rescue teams are pictured at a scene of an accident in Co Clare, Co Waterford.

There were reports of a car being involved in a collision.

Source12/20 Armed Police have been seen at a road block in County Armath on the border to Northern Ireland.

Source13/20 Rescue services are working to save people trapped in a vehicle in County Carlow, Co Kildurve, after a blast was heard near an apartment block in the Kilkennedy area of County Armacross.

Source14/20 Aerial view of fire in a building in County Tipperary, Co Meagh, which was reported to be engulfed in smoke after an explosion.

A fire has been burning in a nearby building. Source15

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