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New Zealand police use robot to search for missing girl

New Zealand police use robot to search for missing girl

Police in New Zealand are using a robot to sniff out missing girl Amber Viner.

They have dubbed it Wale, after the Japanese word for a cloud.

They’re using the device to sniff the air in the area where she went missing, and also in a building where her body was found.

Amber was last seen on a bicycle in Auckland in September, then on the way home from a trip to the grocery store.

Wale’s sensors detect pollutants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

They can also detect other chemicals such as methane, and tell if the air is warm.

Wales team members say they’re trying to find out what happened to Amber after she left a friend’s house.

“The smell is very strong, and if you’re in the right spot, you can hear it coming up,” Wale team member Mike Scott said.

“If it’s a quiet place, you could hear it from your own house.”

It’s not just a matter of sniffing the air and smelling it, there are a lot of things that are happening in the air around you that have to be taken into account.

“The team has been training Wale since October and have tested the device in the field.

They hope the sensor can identify other potential chemicals that might have come from the house.

WALE is being developed by a company called Wale Labs, a subsidiary of the Japanese firm Kogyo.

The company is based in Japan, but Wale has offices in Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

“Amber was last heard from by her father, a neighbour in the Auckland suburb of Wairarapa, who had gone to the house and left his car keys at home. “

She was in the car and had just left her friend’s home,” said her mother, Joanna Viner, in a statement.

I went to my son’s home in Auckland and he was there too.””

I was shocked and devastated.

I went to my son’s home in Auckland and he was there too.”

He was there for four days.

I did everything I could do to find him.

It was awful.

“Wale is currently in its second year of testing, and is not yet fully operational.

It is also being developed to detect and prevent carbon monoxides.

The device has not been used in any other case, but it is being tested in a trial in Denmark, where the devices are also being used.

Police in the UK, where Amber’s body was discovered, have used the device.

It’s not the first time the robot has been used to help solve a case.

The robot was used in 2013 to help search for a teenager who had been missing in a park in Glasgow.

Police say the robot is more accurate and accurate than human eyes, and has a better ability to detect objects.

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