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When an apparatus fires, the horses have to get out of the way

When an apparatus fires, the horses have to get out of the way

When an engine suddenly blazes a spark, a fire apparatus is a dangerous thing.

A harness of fire apparatus can become entangled in the line and it’s up to the horses to get the harness out of danger.

But this is not always an option for the horses.

When a horse suddenly stops moving, or the horses are tired from running, it’s a very different story.

A horse might be running, but it’s not moving.

If a horse is injured, there’s nothing the horses can do to save it.

And the horses also don’t have much time to recover, so it’s all the horses fault if they can’t move quickly enough to escape the burning apparatus.

So, as a horse, what do you do when the apparatus suddenly stops?

If you’re riding a horse that has stopped moving, it doesn’t look like you’re going to make it out alive.

It’s very easy to get injured if you’re on the ground, but if you are running, there are no real options.

To save a horse from being run over, a horse harness can be made to bend in the direction of the movement.

If you do this, you can bend it so that the harness is at an angle to the ground.

The horse harness bends slightly to match the curve of the ground as it is bent by the engine.

This means the harness will bend to match how much force the engine has applied.

When the harness bends to match, the harness doesn’t bend as far and the harness won’t be as strong as the horse harness.

It’s also important to note that the horse may have a harness that doesn’t match the ground and will bend a little bit as the harness twists.

This is because the harness has been designed to bend as the engine turns, rather than the harness actually bending.

The harness is a little more flexible and doesn’t need to be bent much as the engines power is applied to it.

A horse harness will also bend when a horse’s legs are caught in a harness.

This causes the harness to bend even more than it normally would, as the rider’s legs don’t get as strong and the horse’s feet don’t move much.

The horse will stop moving and the rider will fall down from the harness.

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