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When the Fire Department asks for ‘fire apparatus,’ the answer is usually ‘apparatuses’

When the Fire Department asks for ‘fire apparatus,’ the answer is usually ‘apparatuses’

The U.S. Fire Department has been asking for fire apparatus for more than a year now, asking for a new apparatus that could be used to put out fires in public spaces and public buildings.

And so far, the response has been very positive, but one firefighter was surprised by what they received: an apparatus kit.

The kit includes everything the department needs for a firefighter, including a small fire extinguisher, fire extinguishant, and some gloves.

The kit includes a few things that firefighters often don’t have, like a belt, and it has been designed with the fire service in mind.

“I’m really excited about the kit, and I’m looking forward to using it in a real emergency,” firefighter David Dannemora said.

In addition to being able to put down a fire, the kit also has the capability to help other people in the community who are also working on the ground to protect themselves and their families from the fires.

Dannemoras said he doesn’t expect to have any problems with the kit once it’s on his hands.

He and his wife have been working at the firehouse for about eight months, and the fire department is very interested in how they’re doing and what they’re able to do, he said.

The fire department has been working on a new fire apparatus that is similar to the one firefighters usually wear, but it has a few other features that the department has requested.

One of the things that they’ve requested is a belt.

Dannomas said the department wanted the kit to have a belt that would hold his belt when he went out to put the fire out, and to make sure that he wasn’t accidentally getting it on his own.

The department also wants the kit so that firefighters can wear their gloves while on the job, as they are not required to wear them while on duty.

In the meantime, Dannemanas and his fellow firefighters have been using their fire extinguishers and other protective equipment, and Dannimas said he has a great time with the new kit.

“It’s nice, it’s simple, it fits all of my equipment and it’s so easy to use,” Dannemeras said.

“It’s a great kit, so I’m happy with it.”

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