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Why do the government and the ABC need to agree on how the Sotax-Dissolution Act will be rolled out?

Posted February 01, 2020 06:01:48Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says the Opposition is working on a “fairer” version of the Sos law, one that would be simpler to administer and would have fewer loopholes.

The ABC understands the Government is not ready to go ahead with a full repeal of the law yet, and is considering different options to try and avoid a legal quagmire that would take months to resolve.

But Mr Shorten said he was “very open” to working with the Opposition to address some of the concerns that have emerged since the legislation was introduced last month.

He said the Government was considering options to allow the Government to roll out the new legislation without needing to obtain approval from Parliament and the courts.

“It’s not a perfect law, it’s not perfect in every respect,” he said.

“But it’s the right law, and I think it’s fair to say that’s something that the Opposition will work with us on.”

He said he had not been told the details of the Opposition’s plans, but he was confident it would “improve the law and make it fairer”.

“I think the Government will get to the point where it’s more of a simple package, a package that’s going to get rolled out in stages, so that we don’t have to wait for the courts to rule on every issue,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

“We’re not going to be having a massive legislative process.

We’re going to have a gradual process.

It’s going.

It needs to be rolled-out.”

The Federal Government is expected to unveil a bill to repeal the SOS law at the end of the month.

The Opposition said the legislation would “fundamentally transform” the Government’s health system and make health services more accessible.

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