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Why Equine Stay Apparatus Might Be Worth $100,000

Why Equine Stay Apparatus Might Be Worth $100,000

Equine stay equipment is being used to keep animals and people comfortable while they’re being transported.

The devices, which are mounted on the side of horses, are meant to keep them from becoming overheated or overburdened by people.

It’s the first time this type of equipment has been used on an animal.

It would be a great way to reduce travel time and ensure the animal is safe during a trip.

But it also has a lot of potential for serious medical problems and is potentially dangerous.

Read more about Equine Keeps Animals Safe.

The device was created by a startup called Zener Diode, which was founded in December 2016 by two graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The startup plans to use the devices to keep people safe during transportation.

The two founders said the device can help keep a horse’s heart rate at a reasonable level.

The heart rate is an important measure of how well a person is breathing, since it’s a sign of how healthy the animal and its human companions are.

They added that they could also help a person if a horse had a medical problem.

Zener said its goal is to develop a device that can measure the body temperature of a horse using a microchip.

The microchip would measure the horse’s blood oxygen levels.

This could then be used to diagnose problems, including heart disease, a stroke or a blood clot.

The technology could be used on horses that are in poor health, such as those that suffer from chronic heart disease or diabetes.

There are currently two kinds of devices on the market, one for animals and one for humans.

The former is called the Zener diaper and it is a device used by people to prevent dehydration.

It is usually attached to the person’s neck or waist.

It allows the user to put something like a pillow under the horse to prevent overheating.

It also provides a device for attaching a belt to the horse.

The Zener is meant to be attached to a person’s body and provides a pocket to store valuables.

The other is called an Equine Locker, which is meant for use by humans.

It has a similar design to the Zene device, but it has a small, rubber-covered device that attaches to a horse.

Zene has been on the shelves of many grocery stores for years, and the company recently sold the device to the company behind a similar device called the Equine Dime.

It can store items for up to six months, and is not currently available for purchase.

It could help keep people comfortable during transportation, but that has been the goal since it was first developed.

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